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Issue No. 3 December 2020.


Someone trying out a VR headset for the same time

Season's Greetings!

Like many of you, we cannot wait to say goodbye to 2020. What a year it has been! A year in which the Macquarie Dictionary

word of the year is "doomscrolling"

something it seems we have been doing all year with no apparent end in sight.

It has been a year of trauma, loss and grief for many of us. A year of separation, isolation and loneliness. A year of life lived virtually and a year when our relationships old and new with family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the occasional stranger turned digital. For some of us work-life balance became lived experience not just a theoretical concept or an aspiration. We rediscovered our nearest and dearest, our neighbours and the parks within 5 kms. Our sense of community and civic responsibility was reawakened.

We salute the many thousands of frontline workers who continued to turn up for work even when the situation was at its most dire. They enabled the rest of us to stay home and stay safe.

To all the dedicated health care professionals, supermarket workers, couriers and postal workers, cleaners, fresh food workers all along the supply chain from farm to our tables, transport workers, police and army, restauranteurs and food delivery workers we cannot thank you enough.

From all of us at 5i Capital, season's greetings, happy holidays and happy new year! We wish you peace, joy and good health in 2021.


Trends & News

Keeping on the doomscrolling theme, there are increasing alarming reports that hackers, believed to be working for the Kremlin, have penetrated deep into US government systems with officials warning of "grave risk" to the government. President-Elect Biden has laid the blame on the Trump administration for failing to prioritise cybersecurity

On a lighter note, NordVPN has published a handy little dictionary of 20 cybersecurity terms we all need to understand.

Download • 10.58MB

Summer listening

For those looking for a cyber-related podcast we love the GetWise podcast by our friends at WiseLaw. WiseLaw is an Australian legal firm headed by a veteran, former military lawyer and cybersecurity expert, uniquely placed to provide cyber advice that is legally protected. In a special episode of GetWise, our co-founder Catherina Toh, talks about 5i Capital, investing in cybersecurity, diversity, social impact and the road ahead for cybersecurity start-ups. Listen here.

Founders and aspiring founders can check out highlights from the inaugural Future Founders Festival 2020 by StateSpace and Study Melbourne here. Powered by the State Library of Victoria this virtual conference featured an outstanding list of business leaders and founders and attended by over 1000 participants around Australia and overseas.



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