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The team at 5i Capital seeks to identify and promote cybersecurity talent across the Asia Pacific region (ex-Greater China) that create positive social impacts. Our difference is combining cybersecurity expertise with seasoned expertise across various disciplines in investment management, angel investing and start-ups, innovation and venture capital, private equity and financial services.
We will provide a platform and create opportunities for early stage and start-up cybersecurity companies at seed to Series A to contribute their talents to local, regional and global markets. 
With our shared passion for creating positive social impact, we aim to deliver an equitable framework providing opportunity and access for all players in the cybersecurity ecosystem. That means looking for those who may be excluded due to conscious or unconscious bias - female founders, multi-national and multi-ethnic teams and the neurodivergent.



Global cybersecurity networks

We have strong and deep linkages within the cybersecurity space globally across the research, technical, corporate, government and security sectors.


Direct cybersecurity market know-how

Our know-how of the priority market demands in the world’s biggest market – North America – to source and package the solutions and access to that market. We have direct access to, and relationships with, identified corporate cybersecurity clients and tertiary technical institutions. 

We can connect the dots between demand and supply to broker mutually beneficial relationships that increase the likelihood of success for our investments.



Our diversity (with cybersecurity at our core) helps us to see the world from multiple perspectives and we can uncover the cybersecurity solutions that are hidden to conventional venture capital funds. We aim to be the best exemplar of Australian-APAC enterprise, combining the entrepreneurial with technical know-how to deliver cutting edge, in-demand cybersecurity solutions to governments, businesses and communities regionally and globally.