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5i Capital Cyber Fund One
The 5i Cyber Fund One will back Start-Up and Early Stage Companies from Seed to Series A
We seek to invest in high potential early stage and start-up ventures in Asia Pacific (ex-Greater China) with a key focus on Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Exceptional later stage companies looking for expansion capital may also be considered as will cutting edge academic research

We are one the look out for cybersecurity solutions that address the priority demands of identified cybersecurity clients and commercialisation opportunities from our tertiary education partners. We work with leading incubators and accelerators and the region’s top academic researchers to funnel opportunities into our investment process. We target opportunities on both the demand side (specific client or market needs) and the supply side (commercialisation of leading academic research).

Potential investments are put through our proprietary due diligence process, to be assessed and evaluated from all angles by our multi-disciplinary team.  Investment decisions are guided by our Investment Advisory Board consisting of some of the best minds in cyber security, investments, innovation and start-ups. We stay close to our investments – our approach has us investing not just capital but much needed nurturing, mentoring and guidance that greatly increases a venture’s chances of success. We provide patient capital, technical know-how, access to our global networks with a clear eye on exit strategies at every stage.

The 5i Principals have invested their personal funds in our first, proof of concept investment, DTACT. This investment is held directly by each of the Principals.

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